"Putting the charging handle on the left hand side of the AK so us righties can charge and clear malfunctions without coming completely off the gun.  The regular charging handle can be ground off if the user prefers, or can be left in place as a back up.  Anyhow, you can watch the video to get a better idea of how the Ratchet Charging System (RCS)"


Chris at

First I would like to start by saying what a great piece of machining this system is, we watched the videos on the site, and it looked GREAT, but I was still a little skeptical on how it would fit my SAR-1. Well the reason I needed to get this over to you, is IM not sure you could of made it any more of a simplified design that not only makes the firearm more practical, but Tactical as well. I really wanted to test this out, and did just that, I am a owner of a online ammunition store cjsammo we burned through thousands of rounds with this set up, and IM here to tell you this is a MUST have for any AK owner, if you think you can do without it, think again! I love this system, and will be sure to recommend them to ANY of my customers.

Chris at CJ's Ammo

"The RCS does everything it promises to do. It makes the AK faster to reload, faster to clear, and faster to charge – while allowing the operator to maintain better situational awareness. After the first few minutes, working the mechanism starts to feel natural. Bottom line, when it comes to running the AK efficiently the Dublin AK systems charging system is definitely superior to the regular charging handle. Overall, we were impressed with its ease of use and effectiveness."

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Rob Marcum at Tac-Shack Firearms

"Got this in the mail today and threw it on the Mak-90. I LOVE this! I think it gives the gun a really cool look and cant wait to really put some rounds through far only fired a few rounds to check function and seems to be solid. Installation took no time at all.....basically you drop in their gas tube...slide a sleeve on your piston and install the charging handle into the gas tube after everything is back together. Anyone looking for a cool mod for their AK thats very functional this is the one. VERY impressed with the system and the service from you was perfect and just high quality stuff....2 thumbs way up sir." Just incase anyone had asked the system works very well with the lower half of the UTG quadrails and we tried it on a few diff guns. It fits so well with it that it was like they were made for each other....have enclosed some pics for you to check it out.

Defense Review

I know if I were doing a lot of runnin’ and gunnin’ with an AK in a tactical rifle course, I’d want a Ratchet!

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