Ratchet Charging System (RCS)

This package contains everything necessary to convert a standard Kalashnikov variant rifle into one with a non- reciprocating forward charging system. This item replaces the original gas tube with a new one that contains a new charging handle and slide. The new charging handle protrudes from the left side directly over the forearm of the rifle for easier and less troublesome charging. The new charging handle also contains a bolt lock allowing the operator to lock the chamber open and clear/charge a round with a small force downward on the handle utilizing the recoil spring. All hardware is included. No gun smithing required.

We make it easy for the operator; installation takes minutes and does not require a gun smith. This part was made to outlast the firearm. We guarantee you will decrease your loading time. The key is giving the operator a charging handle in a natural location (on the forearm) decreasing the amount of hand manipulation.


  • Non-reciprocating handle
  • Trouble free installation, no gun smithing required
  • Easy to use bolt lock, locking the chamber open for safety and quick to close
  • Allows for faster reloading due to less hand manipulation
  • Easier function for a right handed operator
  • Quicker cooling
  • Unproblematic reloading when firing from the prone position and or around barriers
  • Unlike other left sided charging systems, with the Ratchet Charging system you can use your left side
  • optics rail and it does not open up your critical trigger components.
  • The operator no longer loses sight picture or situational awareness while loading
  • Easier to clear miss feed or jam
  • Built to outlast the life of the firearm, milled parts
  • Built from the finest metals and long lasting black matte finish
  • Self cleaning design allows dirt and debris to easily exit the gas tube
  • If original charging handle is removed: Safety can be engaged when chambering a round, Eliminates all exterior moving parts.
  • *Saiga rifles cannot have the original hand guard installed.