Mechanical Advantage Release System (MARS) 

Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, The MARS allows the operator to quickly release the magazine on a Kalashnikov. A mechanical linkage is placed in a convenient location next to the shooters thumb integrating a quick and easy location to apply pressure to release the magazine. Much like we are trained to release side arm magazines, The MARS gives the shooter the advantage of using standard side arm training. Unlike other magazine releases on the market, utilizing The MARS the operator can keep his/her finger on the trigger or use it to manipulate the safety. The MARS can be installed on all Kalashnikovs that utilize a standard magazine release tab. Drop in installation, no gunsmithing required.


  •        Natural location, close similarity to side arm techniques

  •        Quick, the operator does not need to extend his/her finger

  •        Operator can now use his/her index finger to utilize the fire selector or keep it on the trigger

  •        Simple design allows little room for complication

  •        Trouble free installation, no hole drilling, gunsmithing, etc.

  •        Slim out of the way design, can’t get snagged on gear. Lever is under receiver

  •        Can still utilize original magazine release with advantage of having it extended

  •        Reliable, The MARS unique design allows a tight fit against the original release and a rock solid design able to take              abuse