After Parabllum Armament closed its doors, we have been planning to bring the parts back to market and working with key players to do so. We apologize for the wait and we know many of you have been eagerly preparing for the parts to get back. The wait is almost over! Expect to see us very soon as we zero in on a release date.

What's New: 

 When Seconds Count!


Looking for cutting edge Kalashnikov technology? We are a small arms weapons engineering and design company with a strong background in The Kalashnikov weapon system. All parts are drop in units which require no gunsmithing, an operator can simply install them in moments while on the field. Our innovations bring the Kalashnikov up to speed and up to date, giving the operator the advantage. Founded with some of the most historical tactics and arms manipulation, Dublin AK Systems believes that speed and efficiency are the most important characteristics for the 21st century Kalashnikov user. We guarantee by using our parts you will take notice of a faster reload time, an easier and more natural manual of arms, and increased mobility while operating around obstacles. 

Very Respectfully,                                                                                              

Ethan Dublin, Owner/CEO